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About us
Principal founder Melissa Gray worked in advertising in Hong Kong and China and later worked as Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai, China. She has managed successful campaigns for leading companies such as Proctor & Gamble & Johnson & Johnson, Volvo, Maybelline and Scholl in China and across the Asia Pacific region. As leading creative at Grayscotland Ltd, she has created successful solutions from corporate identity, promotional literature, print ads, through to website design and increasingly, corporate videos and DVD’s for an increasing number of clients across the region.
Our Services
Your identity is your corporate DNA, the foundation on which everything else stands - or falls. Unlike DNA, you have a choice. You can choose how your face and voice will appear. We understands the value of a clear product logo or a corporate identity - and we'll treat yours with the importance it deserves. We'll find the right combination to communicate your message in the clearest, most concise and compelling way for your audience.
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First impressions are important. Whether it's your annual report, advertising, product packaging, catalogue or company brochure, we’ll create cohesive, memorable printed literature to market your message - and your product or services - clearly, concisely and effectively. We’ll give you a strong competitive advantage by helping you deliver persuasive and highly targeted information in the best way possible. < view showcase >
New Media

More than just a website...Used effectively, new media solutions can be just as
effective a marketing tool as traditional print solutions. So whether you're looking for a well-designed site to provide comprehensive information to prospective clients, or a complete e-commerce solution, product or service catalogue on DVD, Grayscotland will help you find the new media solution that best suits your needs.< view showcase >

Project Management, Internet Research, Marketing Consultancy Services
& Website Design

We work together in partnership with Cheryl Hopkins Associates for all the above services.Please see link for more information.

International Outlook
At Grayscotland, we don’t believe in boundaries, creative or otherwise.
With many years working experience in both China and Hong Kong, and with contacts still based in the Asia Pacific region, we would be happy to advise strategies and campaigns if you were interested in expanding your market
horizons beyond the UK. It is now possible to realistically plan campaigns and strategies which would have been unheard of just a few years ago. E-marketing, advertising software enabling the transfer of print advertising to target media -
all have made markets more accessible.